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A fun, convenient way to learn and proven to work.

These courses consist entirely of questions and answers that are sent to you in small amounts (typically 1 or 2 a day) on a regular schedule via email or web browser. They can be accessed from a desktop browser or a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, or Tablet. The number of CME credits per course will vary depending on the number of questions required to complete the course. (i.e., 20 questions may equal 3 credits).

Completing a NACE Spaced Education Course is simple and convenient.  Take a brief pre-test survey, and then answer questions as they come to you by email.  Get a question wrong, and it repeats. Get a question right two times in a row, and it is retired from the course. Once you retire all questions, complete the post-test survey to complete the course and receive your certificate.
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NACE Spaced Education CME Courses

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