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June 22, 2019 Virtual Download Print Resources
Bringing ADHD into Focus: Strategies for Individualizing Care Download Print Resources
Identification, Evaluation and Treatment of Nocturia in the Primary Care Setting in 2019 Download Print
Sharing a Breath: Interdisciplinary Management of Patients With Severe Asthma Download Print
Insulin Therapy and Glycemic Variability: Strategies for Achieving Diabetes Goals While Minimizing Hypoglycemia Download Print
A Case Based Approach to Lipids Management: Individualizing Targets and Reducing Risk Download Print
Getting PrEP'd to Talk About Sexual Health: Optimizing the PCP's Role in HIV Prevention Download Print
Crying and Laughing Inappropriately? Think Pseudobulbar Affect Download Print
Previous Presentations
Comparing the New Hypertension Guidelines: More Similar Than Different Download Print
Case Studies in MDD: Individualizing Care Download Print
Does Your Patient Have Tardive Dyskinesia? Recognition and Treatment for Download Print
Cardiovascular Disease and Hypertriglyceridemia: The Evolving Link Download Print
Managing Migraine: Primary Care for Primary Headaches Download Print